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Clinical Consultation


What happens at my appointment?

This is your opportunity for a confidential discussion about your health complaints with a doctor, nurse, and or therapist for review of your planned care or medical history.  Consultation often involves taking full medical history, a physical examination which sometimes include laboratory test may be necessary depending on your concerns or medical complaints.  Afterwards, your doctor, nurse or therapist makes recommendations about your care and treatment.

Your consultation may also be for various medical physical and mental health conditions.  You may be required to undertake more physical examinations and other tests during consultation and afterwards. 

Chaperone is usually used during physical examination, so we ask that you come with a friend or family member for support.  Our staff are also available to stand as chaperone during you examination.

You will be seen by a team or health care practitioners who have specialised in delivering your care.



Frequently Asked Questions

Q: Who do I see?

A: The medical consultant and clinicians are usually specialist with expertise in a particular field of medical practice.


Q: How long is my consultation?

A: How long your consultation takes depends on your medical complaints and if you are a new client. Consultations may take as long as you want, provided you have booked in advance and it is alright with your clinicians.  We try our best to accommodate all additional requests to ensure your safety.

We generally advise that you allow adequate time for you to get to your appointments.

You are advised to seek advice if you are not sure of how much time you need to allow for your consultation at booking. 

Our website services pages give an indication regarding time for a typical appointment.

A typical consultation may take twenty minutes to one hour in some straight forward cases.




Consultation with an interpreter will take longer than usual so, you are advised to allow for additional consultation time.  We would like to understand the language support required and for how long.  So, please notify our staff at booking or during your initial consultation if you are unable to come with your own interpreter. 

For your convenience, we can arrange a confidential interpreter in your language on request. 



Interpreting service will attract additional charge per hour and this is payable prior to accessing consultation or treatment etc. 

To maintain consistency, promote clients choice and trust, our staff will advise you on price per language and book same interpreter for the duration service may be required. 

If you need to change your pre booked medical appointments, then your interpreter service dates must also be changed.  If you need help to change your booked interpreter dates, contact your service or booking administrator who will gladly assist you to rebook your appointments. 

To avoid unnecessary charge, booked services including interpreting service must be cancelled by you or paying authority such as insurance company at given period if service is no longer needed - usually within five working days.

If your pre booked appointment was changed or cancelled after notice period, your will still be charged for the services and you will also receive 'Your booked appointment or service has been changed or cancelled' confirmatory message sent to you by email, text, phone or to your appointed contact person. 

Corporate clients managers and Insurance companies may request management summary confidentially, as they are the contract holding and or service paying representative.  Report may include medical management information, occupational health advice, ongoing core-care management, physical home health and any medical recommendations.  

Information on additional charged service such as interpreters, psychological therapy, health screening, ambulance and emergency room care, home support, rehabilitation or repatriation service are included in report.  As well as any charges made for clients' 'Never Non-Attendance', 'Late Cancellations' and number of 'Did Not Attend' days as applicable. 

You can restart your service by booking a new appointment to see your service providers.

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